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At Oceana Artistic Swimming, we strive to ensure our swimmers are constantly challenged to achieve higher with every stroke or form. We do this through our world-class professional coaches that apply international standards, combined with passion, team spirit, and tailored individual care. Our mission is to raise the profile of Artistic Swimming as a key local and regional sport on par with its peers globally.

We coach our swimmers through rigorous training encouraging them to adopt key life skills that will support their success in this unique sport, as well as in their life in general, such as dedication, commitment and teamwork.

Oceana Artistic Swimming was established in 2019 to cater for girls between the ages of 5 and above. Within a very short period, we succeeded in taking part in the Comen Med 2019 competition in Geneva Switzerland, making us the first club in the UAE to take part in international competitions, raising the bar of the artistic swimming sport to a national level.

What is



Artistic swimming (known as synchronized swimming) is a hybrid form of swimming dance and gymnastic, consisting of swimmers performing a synchronized routine of elaborate moves in harmony in the water accompanied by music.

Swimmers can perform and compete both individually and in team events, which test their skills, strength, flexibility, co-ordination and artistic exposition.

Benefits of



include physical health and fitness; this includes flexibility, strength, increased aerobic capacity, stamina and endurance. Artistic swimming also provides a feeling of well being; self-confidence; developing a sense of discipline and positive attitude; the ability to deal with success and failure; general social skills and learning to collaborate with teammates.

Discover Our Training & Performance Components

Training levels, Categories for Performance and Competition Figures, Routines & More

Land Training

Land training is a mandatory part of our artistic swimmers’ program; it focuses on strength, body conditioning, and flexibility.

You will need: Yoga Mat, Elastic Rubber, Weights, Oceana’s Uniform

Water Training

Water training composes of figures, routines, and choreography.

You will need: Goggles, Nose clip, Oceana’s One-Piece Swimming Suit, Oceana’s Swimming Cap.


One of the unique characteristics of artistic swimming is the athlete’s presentation, which includes their costumes, make-up and hairdo. Its glamor and beauty set it apart from the other sports. Artistic swimmers will often wear special costumes that usually complement the music and the moves they have selected in terms of mood and design.

In addition, presentation is one of the key components that affect the swimmers performance rating, as it accounts for part of the points they achieve. Swimmers usually wear waterproof make-up To ensure their facial expressions are sees clearly by the judges. They are also required to lay Gelatin on their hair, so their hairstyles stay intact throughout the performance. In parallel, and in order not to hide their expressions, swimmers do not wear goggles but are permitted to wear nose clips to aid them with the underwater aspects of the routine.

Figure Training and Routines

Figure training sets the base for swimmers to be able to perform routines. Routines are a series of choreographed moves, and patterns that are performed to music – and can be solos, duets or teams.

Figures are the moves executed in the water by the swimmers. There is a set of basic moves that swimmers must learn.

At competitions there is a technical section where the swimmers are tested on their ability to present these moves in-front of the judges.

Junior swimmers have a total of 24 figures that they learn as they progress through the levels, Senior swimmers have to perform a technical routine

Our Teams


This level is an introduction to basic skills of artistic swimming in a fun environment.

This level is for new swimmers with no experience in artistic swimming.

90 mins/Week
2 hours/Week


In this level you learn the fundamentals of artistic swimming, figures and elements in addition to simple routines in an enjoyable environment.

This level is for swimmers interested in learning more about artistic swimming

3 hours/Week
4.5 hours/Week


In this level you will develop your artistic swimming skills, learn figures and perform routines. It is the transition for the next level of competing.

This level is for swimmers committed to artistic swimming and looking for a competitive level.

4 hours/Week
6 hours/Week


In this level you will be able to learn advanced  and more complex skills, techniques, figures, routines, compete nationally and internationally.


Fine tuning and sharpening the performance, execution, and advanced choreography is a major focus in this level.

This level is for swimmers committed to artistic  swimming as a competitive sport and are willing to train for longer hours.

6 hours/Week
9 hours/Week

Our Calendar

Term 1
30 August - 10 December

Term 2
2 January - 25 March

Term 3
10 April - 1 July

Winter Camp
12 December - 23 December

Spring Camp
27 March - 8 April

Summer Camp 1
3 July - 15 July

Summer Camp 2
25 July - 19 August

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if you are a female aged 5 and above, water-confident, passionate & eager to learn and ready to bring out the magic of dance in you, we want to hear from you!

If you are a beginner swimmer ask about our Learn to Swim program by clicking on the Enroll Now button below and fill the contact us form and we will get back to you


Other Activities

Learn To Swim Program (Turtles)

This program is designed for little ones who want to join Artistic swimming in the future, or children who want to develop their skills and gain confidence in a way that suits them. All classes have a small number of swimmers so we can attend to your child's needs. And we ensure that all our lessons are fun and enjoyable for kids, we encourage children to learn, progress and get the most from their classes.

Aqua Aerobics for Ladies

To Build cardiovascular fitness and strength. Water aerobics classes are easy on your joints, yet challenging enough to help you reach new levels of fitness. As Aqua Aerobics have low-impact format, these classes are suitable for all ages and different fitness level.

Sport Nutritionist

As artistic (synchronized) swimmers should be encouraged to consume a balanced and healthy diet to optimize performance and body composition. We, at Oceana offer follow up sessions with our ISSA (International Sports Science Association) Certified Sport Nutritionist for groups and individuals when needed.

Diet is a key factor in preparing and comprehensively setting up our swimmers.

For female athletes specifically, Sport Nutrition formulate models for their nutrient needs, determining how to fuel them for training and develop nutrition plans to meet both their performance and aesthetic goals. Regardless of the age of the female athlete, adequate food and nutrients must be consumed in the appropriate amounts and at the appropriate times for health and performance to be optimal. Our Nutritionist works towards their correct eating routines which contributes towards reducing their danger of injuries and animates the recuperation.

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