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    At Oceana, we are confident that our swimmers will have the opportunity to conquer new challenges, achieve proud accomplishments and build strong friendships. Building competitive skills in Artistic Swimming is only one of our goals. Through our rigorous trainings, we instill valuable life skills amongst our participants, such as commitment, teamwork, and dedication. We measure our success by our achievements in all these areas

    Oceana Artistic Swimming provides instruction in Artistic swimming for youth living in the UAE.

    • Advance the Artistic swimming in UAE and surrounding countries

    • Increase participation in competitive Artistic swimming

    • Provide swimmers with the highest quality coaches

    • Provide swimmers with opportunities to grow and reach their highest possible level of achievement in and out of the water

    • Maintain an enjoyable swimming environment with a positive experience

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    Oceana Artistic Swimming Terms & Conditions

    Competency Policy

    New swimmers will be evaluated for swimming competency and level during the first class by the coach

    Payment Policy

    • Fees should be paid in full (cash or Bank deposit) before the first day of the term. No partial down payments will be accepted under any circumstances.

    • Oceana runs on a strict no fees no train policy, swimmers with outstanding fees will be asked to leave classes until the balance has been settled.

    • Swimmers selected for competition will be asked to pay the fees in advance.

    • All swimmers are entitled to one make-up class per term depending on availability (this make up class can be used up within the registered term only). No refund of term fees will be offered under any circumstances.

    • Term fee can be frozen and re-allocated only in case of serious injury or illness and subject to submission of a medical certificate and occur on a pro-rata basis for not more than 2 weeks. Classes or term fees are not transferrable to other swimmers.

    • Oceana artistic will offer winter camp /spring camp /summer camp during the year. fees of the camp will be paid separately from term fees, as it will include additional number of days and hours.

    • There will be additional optional classes if needed, fees to be paid separately.

    • If a session is cancelled by Oceana we will make every effort to provide an alternative venue, day or time to make up for this missing session.

    • Parents will be informed ahead of time about the change of class venue or time.

    • Unsettled payments beyond the deadline will cancel student’s enrollment and booking.

    • Coach duty travel cost will be divided on participants equally (Ticket plus accommodation)

    Planning and Selection

    • Oceana’s management reserves the right to cancel/ change (time/ venue) of training.

    • Oceana Artistic Swimming is not responsible for any participant outside the facility Participation and selection for the competition is made only by coach decision.


    Travel expenses are the responsibility of each team member’s family. Expenses include travel accommodations, and food


    Attendance is extremely important in a team sport like Artistic swimming. The swimmer should clearly understand the commitment to their team, coach, and club before the season starts. It is important to note that during the training & competition season the highest degree of attendance and focus is mandatory.

    The progress of the team depends on the regular attendance of every swimmer. Absences affect the entire team. If a swimmer must miss a scheduled practice, the Coach/Manager must be notified by telephone as soon as possible. This allows preparation time for the Coach to organize the practice for the least amount of disruption for the other members of the team.

    Practices may be cancelled unexpectedly due to extreme weathers or pool closures. If this occurs, parents will be notified via agreed communication means, refund will not be issued for cancelled practice (rescheduled class will be assigned).

    Vacations and Extended Absences

    Parents are encouraged to schedule vacations at times when swimmers do not have scheduled practices (for example, Christmas holidays and March break). If vacation is to be taken during scheduled practice) time, a notice to the Coach/Management must be given at least 2 weeks beforehand, to enable them to plan around a swimmer's absence.

    Entrance Policy

    Parent must be sure the swimmer is physically fit and able to participate in sport activities and accordingly parent accept all risk resulting in participating in our activities.

    Emergency and medical attention

    In the event that a swimmer requires a medical attention during our activities, you agree to Oceana Artistic Swimming arranging appropriate and necessary treatment

    Oceana shall not accept any responsibility for the cost of any personal belongings, personal injury, and death The cost of any damage caused by you or any swimmer will be passed to parent/guardian

    Responsibilities of Parents & Swimmers

    Code of Conduct for Parents

    • Parents are required to demonstrate a positive attitude, be courteous, and show respect towards all Management members, coaches, swimmers.

    • Parents and swimmers are expected to show good sportsmanship at all times.

    • Parents are invited to discuss progress or concerns with their child's coach before or after scheduled practices, at a time agreed to by the parent and coach.

    • Parents are invited to observe practice sessions from the upper observation area or waiting area.

    • Parents are not permitted to interfere with practices or competitions. Parents are not allowed on the pool deck at competitions or training sessions.

    • Parents are to refrain from any and all negative discussions of the performance and behavior of all athletes, coaches, and officials.

    • Parents are responsible to pay in full the swimming fees and other costs posted to their child's account including, if applicable, pay in full the previous balance of their child's account

    Code of Conduct for Swimmers

    Swimmers are expected to:

    • Demonstrate a positive attitude towards the sport of artistic swimming.

    • Demonstrate good sportsmanship.

    • Treat coaches and fellow swimmers with courtesy and respect.

    • Be in attendance at and be on time for all swim meets.

    • Be courteous to fellow competitors, other club coaches, and officials, and to conduct themselves appropriately while representing the Oceana Artistic Swimming.

    • Support club swimmers by sitting together and cheering for all Oceana Artistic Swimming Club

    • Swimmers are to refrain from any and all negative discussion regarding the performance and behavior of all athletes coaches and officials.

    • Attend the Award Presentations at all events.

    • Follow all pool safety rules while on pool decks and in the change rooms.

    There is zero tolerance of:

    • Offensive language

    • Improper or offensive behavior

    • Angry outbursts or disorderly behavior

    • Abuse of athletes, coaches, or officials

    • Use of alcohol, cigarettes or illegal drugs

    • Use of electronic communication devices and/or cameras in the change areas

    I understand and accept Oceana swimming policy


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    Does your child suffer from any medical illness?

    Contacts & Emergency


    The undersigned authorizes Oceana Artistic Swimming Club to permit photographers/videographers employed or designated by Oceana Artistic Swimming Club to take photographs, film and / or video footage of & obtain quotations / information from the undersigned. Such photographs, film / video footage & recorded comments may be used for educational purposes, publications and/or broadcasts which may include (but are not limited to) the following: newspapers, radio, television, staff newsletters photographic displays, and publicly distributed publications such as annual reports, external newsletters .news releases, pamphlets, brochures, websites, social media, flyers & promotional publications.

    The undersigned shall be entitled to no compensation as a result of such use from Oceana Artistic Swimming

    Oceana Artistic Swimming requests that each member sign a permission form to allow for electronic communication, and / or photos, and / or videos be used for a variety of purposes. The form above includes permission for Oceana Artistic Swimming to use such materials for the development of newsletters, web articles, display boards, posters, etc. when creating materials and marketing the sport.


    The undersigned agree to receive electronic communications from Oceana Artistic Swimming and member clubs including Oceana Artistic Swimming Club. Electronic communications include newsletters, promotions and program and event information that may contain information of a
    commercial nature.

    I understand that if I no longer wish to receive electronic communications from Oceana Artistic Swimming I can withdraw my consent at any time using the process set out in the Oceana Artistic Swimming Club Privacy Policy.


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